Loving the journey…

Well, it’s been a while!  Since I last posted a blog, I signed up for one of life’s toughest races:  marriage.  I am now (or will be, once I fill out the legal name-change paperwork)  Mrs. Pollman-Turner.  🙂  It’s been a long road to get here but it was definitely worth the journey to find someone who makes me laugh, pushes me to be better, and can handle me before I’ve had my coffee!

So, I’m going to compare marriage to endurance racing because, really, there are a lot of similarities.  You have to pace yourself because you’re in it for the long haul, attitude will make all of the difference and, eventually, your weakest, grossest behaviors become impossible to hide.  I’m also going to compare divorce to injury; I’ve experienced both and they are just two different kinds of “broken.”

Obviously, my most recent marriage isn’t my first marriage; I have a big, fat “DNF” (that’s “did not finish” for you non-racing, folks) on my record.  Those of you who ARE racers will probably understand how miserable it feels to even CONSIDER taking a DNF.  If you’re at all competitive (with others or yourself), then you dread the DNF.  It isn’t “in” you to give up, even when you’re suffering from an injury and racing in suboptimal conditions.  Most of us don’t take the decision to drop out of a race, or even a training run/workout, lightly.  Still, sometimes the DNF is the beginning of healing.  It may mean that you’re finally admitting that you have an injury.  Something isn’t right (something is probably terribly wrong) and you’ve decided that it’s not worth the risk involved in pushing through.  That’s certainly what divorce was for me.  It was painful and taking that DNF was, thus far, the most difficult decision of my life.

The beautiful thing about life, though, is that the road keeps winding and we can never quite tell what’s ’round the corner.  My experience with divorce has made me a stronger, more durable and more appreciative individual.  My new life as Mrs. Turner is all the sweeter knowing where I’ve been and what I’ve learned about myself.  Similarly, my unexpected series of injures – calf strain, fractured heel (I mean WHO fractures the hardest bone in their body?!?!), and then a broken toe – have made a better, stronger, and wiser Courtney both mentally and physically.

In addition to tying the not, I’ve also begun running since my last post.  It has gone MUCH better than I ever could have anticipated.  My paces are at least as fast as they were prior to my injury and, maaaaaaaaaybe, just a bit faster.  Running is still work but I am absolutely the fittest I’ve ever been and it’s translating into faster paces at lower levels of effort.  The weight-training, core work, biking and swimming have all contributed to a fitter, faster Courtney!

So, that’s it for now – first day of classes and it’s time to start getting a few things together!  Next time I blog, I’ll tell you all about Chrissie Wellington’s recent impact on my training and mental toughness!