It’s been quite the journey from fractured heel to triathlete and this monumental training cycle is culminating in my first 70.3 distance race this weekend.  After finishing 2nd overall at the Sandman sprint triathlon when I was less than 100%, I find myself dreaming wildly of what I might be capable.  I’m as prepared as I can be, given the limitations placed on my running by injury and rehab.  My biking is strong and I’m not really sure where I stand with regard to my swim abilities.  I am ready for the sound of the start gun.  I-AM-READY.

Despite being told that I should focus on racing people and not time, I have a tentative time goal in mind.  I would really like to finish under 5 hours and 20 minutes and I think I CAN but it’s going to be challenging.  I want to finish the swim in 30 minutes or less, keep T1 to 5 minutes or less, maintain at least 20 mph on the bike (we’ll see – but I think I can do it without harming my run), keep T2 to 3 minutes or less, and maintain an 8:30 pace or faster for the run.  It’s going to take a lot of guts. 😀 It’s time to channel my inner Chrissie Wellington.  Stay calm, never give up, and smile!  

Truly, I have a lot to smile about.  When I think back over the last six months, I am so humbled by how many people have played a role in getting me to where I am, today!  The Dai Roberts Group ( has been much more than a set of training plans; Dai and Denise have provided the level of support that you would expect from family.  Justin has forfeited sleep, time, and energy to support my training.  Friends like Rosanna and Tom and Bryan and Ruth held my hand as I became comfortable with open water swimming, biking (AND clipping in!), and my return to running.  My Regent friends have been there to remind me that there’s more to who I am than training; I’m a Christian.

So, before this race, I will say the prayer that a friend of mine taught me to say before every race.  I will ask God to be with me, guide me, strengthen me… but most importantly, I pray for an open mind and heart so that I can learn whatever lessons I am meant to learn through this race.

Channeling Chrissie

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