Creatively Fit!


As many of you are aware, Hurricane Sandy paid a weekend visit to the greater Hampton Roads area.  My husband and I drove home from his marathon through a portion of the storm.  It didn’t seem too frightening other than the high water levels on the bridges we crossed and some of the high winds we experienced whipping our car around the highway.  We were happy to be home and my feelings weren’t too terribly hurt when my Monday classes were canceled due to high winds and flooding.

ImageWhile my marathon-crushing spouse was more than happy to spend the majority of the day with his feet up, I found myself going a bit stir crazy after a few hours of couch time.  Last week was my restful week of recovery.  I was bursting with energy and desperately longing for a quick run or, at the least, a thorough walk with the dog.  Sadly, the recreation centers that I use as my gymnasium were closed and my husband was pretty firm in asserting that I should not run outdoors in 33mph winds.  I tried to embrace the extra rest day but I just had too much excess energy… so, I broke out the Wii Fit Plus.  We almost NEVER use the Wii because we have very little recreational time after school, work, clinical hours, and (of course) training and we usually want to spend that small bit of free time resting our tired bodies!  After yesterday, I’m extremely pleased that we’ve decided to retain the Wii despite infrequent use. You can see from the smile on my face in the above picture that a bit of indoor exercise helped brighten my mood for the rest of the day!  As a bonus, my abs are sore today from hula hooping, push-ups and planks with a very strict Wii personal trainer.

I’m not sure how useful my Wii sessions will prove on race day (I think I’ll continue to stick to Dai Roberts Group training plans just in case) but it was certainly a great way to get in some calorie burn and ward off cabin fever when my options were few and far between.  Not everyone has the resources to acquire this type of video game/fitness gear but you can always find a way to get in some type of a fitness session if you’re creative and determined.  Maybe stair intervals if you have more than one story in your home?  What about weight lifting with hand weights or heavy objects in your home if you don’t already own weights?  And, of course, you can ALWAYS do some core work!  That being said, don’t be afraid to take an unscheduled rest day; even I slept in. 😉

2 thoughts on “Creatively Fit!

  1. Oh my gosh. I’ve done WII fit a few times and it is hard! I work up more of a sweat on that then most elliptical sessions LOL. Glad nothing was damaged down there!

    • cdog781 says:

      I think I’m going to start using the trainer nazi for me regular core sessions. I do fine on my own with core but she won’t tolerate poor form so I get a better workout with her. No promises that there won’t be mumbled swearing, though.

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