A tribute to thriftiness

Since my last post was about utilizing creativity to train thrifty, I would like to dedicate this blog post to my high school friend, Brian, and his thrifty but entertaining Halloween costume. He utilized items to which he already had access in order to create one of my all-time favorite Halloween costumes.  Squeezing into his much smaller roommate’s Boston Athletic Association running uniform and throwing on his 2010 Marine Corps Marathon finisher’s medal, Brian calls this costume “Fat Bearded Runner Guy.”

ImageSorry, ladies.  He’s taken.


The compression socks are a nice touch.

My affinity for this costume comes, in part, from my love for the movie “Run, Fat Boy, Run.”  I would describe this film as a charming, inspirational comedy.  You should check it out!


British Humor + American Humor + Running Humor = Run, Fat Boy, Run

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween and that you’re all embracing the fall/winter training season!



2 thoughts on “A tribute to thriftiness

  1. I love thrifty halloween costumes to begin with actually. Mos tof the (upwards of 50 doller) costumes are so cheaply made and not cute at all. I’ve put all my costumes together for 20 dollars at the very most and they’ve looked a ton better!

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