Everything In Moderation, Except for SMILES!

It’s been an exciting month in the Pollman-Turner household!  My training has taken a running focus now that I’m fully recovered from the 70.3 and my legs are stronger than ever. It’s thrilling to see my paces drop as hard work and consistent training pay off!  Still, it’s a delicate balance and only a few weeks ago I had to bail on the second half of a brick because of severe aching in my lower legs.  Thankfully, a trip to Final Kick Sports and a new pair of properly-fit running shoes seem to have made quite a difference in my ability to increase mileage.  I’m also scheduling regular appointments with Denise Roberts of the Dai Roberts Group for trigger point therapy; every two weeks seems to be the sweet spot for maintaining my healthy legs and feet. 🙂

ImageHere I am, smiling after a trainer session.  My training plan called for a brick (and I LOVE a good brick workout) but I had to bail on the run so I rode for an extra 30 minutes.  It was frustrating but I tried to maintain a good attitude and just let Coach Dai know that I needed a few less days of consecutive running in my schedule until my legs settled down.

This Thanksgiving, I was able to participate in the Tidewater Striders annual Turkey Trot 10k at Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach.  Last year, I cheered on friends from the sidelines, still suffering from an undiagnosed calf strain.  Not only is my body stronger and healthier than ever but so is my attitude!  I think I wore a smile for 90% of the race!  There’s definitely something to be said for having fun and living a life filled with joy!  That isn’t to say that I’m now immune to heartache or setbacks but I’ve made it my mission to continue living as joyfully as possible, regardless of my circumstances.  On Thanksgiving Day 2012, that meant running with a thankful heart and an appreciation for my healthy legs and supportive friends and family!  To top it all off, I PR’d by just under three minutes and I placed third in my age group in a very large race!


Smiling, somewhere around the first mile marker!


Let’s here it for the most ridiculous race photo ever taken!  I’m CLEARLY having a good time as I smile my way through a finish-line sprint.


There I was, rounding Mt. Trashmore in the final 0.5 miles of the race when Coach Dai appeared and cheered me on with the news that my husband had WON the race with a time of 31 minutes!  I was ecstatic to pose for a picture with my amazing, race-winning husband; faithful training partner and age group winner (Ruth, in the fabulous Lululemon jacket); and our crazy-haired, British-accent wielding coach!  Needless to say, Coach Dai was quite pleased with his athletes.

In the next week, I’ll be sharing a guest blog from a friend, runner, and medical doctor about recognizing injury and I’ll offer some tips for coping with injury (especially all of those annoying Facebook posts about everybody else’s running adventures)!  In the meantime, tell me what YOU are thankful for this season!

2 thoughts on “Everything In Moderation, Except for SMILES!

  1. You guys are seriously the most fabulous and champion couple ever. Whatever that means LOL. Anyways, I’m so happy you are injury free and able to increase your mileage as well as the dynamo PR. So awesome! Your race photos are great by the way!

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