Farewells and Pharmaceuticals

It finally all caught up to me.  I had intended to get the flu shot but I put it off and put it off… and put it off some more… and then it was time to enjoy the holidays with Justin.  Next, it was time to host Justin’s farewell party.  I’m positive that the change in schedule, combined with the stress inherent preparing to part with my husband/best friend/biggest supporter for six months created the perfect storm.  The hole in my immune system was just big enough for one crappy illness!


I found this picture online and I felt as though it very accurately depicted my experience this week.  Seriously, I should have bought stock in facial tissue.

Thankfully, I’m on the mend.  My husband’s last pre-deployment memories of me will not involve phlegm!  YAY!  I’m being sure to eat healthily to facilitate a fast recovery.  While we were out running some errands the other day, Justin and I discovered this lovely local cafe/restaurant called Fruitive.  It’s a Vegan restaurant that serves locally grown fruits and vegetables and it is just what I needed.  I ordered one of their “bowls” which includes pureed frozen fruit on the bottom, topped with granola and fresh fruit.  It was amazing, nutritious and the cold puree was perfect for my sore throat!


My delicious Antioxidant Berry Bowl from Fruitive


My homemade version of the fruit bowl; I didn’t have such an amazing selection of fresh fruit and this store-bought granola just wasn’t as good as the granola from Fruitive.

I’ve only a few days left with my husband and I should be back to training soon so my next few blog posts should be more about training and racing and less about Tamiflu and social outings.  Man, I am going to miss him!

8 thoughts on “Farewells and Pharmaceuticals

  1. Awe, sorry you’ve been under the weather. I just realized you guys are also a military family. What branch? Have you been through a deployment yet? I’ll be your virtual battle buddy if you need one!

    • cdog781 says:

      I’m former Navy and my husband is active duty! We’ve both been through deployments individually and he has been through one in a past relationship but I’ve never been on this end of a deployment. 🙂 Thanks for the support!

      • Best advice I have is to keep yourself as busy as possible – that’s what I do. The busier you are, the less time you can spend worrying. It helps that you’ve seen what the other side is like though, so you’ll have a really unique perspective. I think you’ll do great. Good luck!

      • cdog781 says:

        Thanks! Between class, training, dissertation, comprehensive exams and internship applications… I shouldn’t have any problem staying busy! lol

  2. I’m glad to see you mending Courtney. Wah-being sick sucks butt. Justin leaving…also sucks. Though I think you will be so busy with training, schooling, life that it won’t be as if you are waiting around sad if that makes sense.

    • cdog781 says:

      Definitely makes sense! If I weren’t so busy, I would totally end up being all depressed, etc. I’m sure I’ll have a good cry now and then but it’s nothing that some nutella and herbal tea won’t fix. haha

      • That’s how I am with Tim. (granted we aren’t married obviously). But we only talk every few days when he isn’t flying. I know if it was college days (or days I’m less busy) I’d be so frustrated. But this post actually reminds me I should probably send him a text to make sure he is still alive LOL.

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