Upward and Onward!

Well, folks, the time had finally come.  Last Saturday, Justin and I joined our friends from Hampton Road Runners for a long run and a visit to BadAss Coffee Co., treated ourselves to a sushi lunch, spent a few hours at the Virginia Aquarium to reminisce about our amazingly perfect wedding and then got a cutesy movie from Redbox to watch while dining on our famous nachos and beer.  Sadly, our nachos were soggy with tears and our cutesy movie (Brave) was saddened by the knowledge that we were sharing our last night together for six long months.  L  Sunday morning, dark and early, I drove him to the base in Norfolk and we said goodbye.


Justin and I posing in the very spot where we exchanged our nuptials back in August.  Yes, we have zombie eyes.  Scary.


Justin says farewell to Tibby at 5 a.m. Sad day.  I miss him! 😦

It was a sad day but I made sure to go out for a bike ride with some friends to get some Vit D and endorphins flowing through my depressed little brain.  Wouldn’t you know it, I wrecked my bike in a road construction area!  As I was going down, I was thinking “No, not now!  Justin JUST left!”  Thankfully, I was not badly hurt.  I have the obligatory road rash and my neck was sore for a few days but I am fine and my (really, my coach’s) bike is fine… but it was seriously frightening!  This was followed by a series of annoying events calamity that I am told are the work of “deployment gremlins.”  *Sigh*  Nothing to do but carry on with my head held high and BOY am I thankful for all of the support that I have from local friends. 😀 Focus on the positive!


New Running shoes! And they are pink (at least partially)!  See?  A positive piece of the week. 🙂  Saucony Triumphs – love them.


I’m trying to adjust to his absence so I thought I would make myself more at home in Justin’s car by adding one of my runner girl magnets. 😀

In other news this week – no news.  No word regarding the sponsorship applications that I submitted (the deadline to hear back was the 23rd an no news means no sponsorship).  We all new it was a long shot since I only have two triathlons under my belt and I still have some improving to do. Thankfully, I’ve been working hard and it should all pay off once race season starts.  And speaking of hard work, I trekked through the sloppy streets of Virginia Beach all the way to Chesapeake for a bike trainer party at Fat Frogs!  It was so nice of them to open up the store for us to ride, free of charge!  I rode the trainer for two hours and fifteen minutes without stopping (okay, once I got off to get a tissue) and without glaring longingly at my refrigerator like I would have done if I had been home.  Everyone was incredibly friendly and I will definitely head back out there for future training sessions, be they indoors or out!  Rachel (my new friend and newly pro-carded triathlete) and I went for an icy transition run afterward.  It wasn’t the run we had anticipated but we went out there and got it done.  It’s tough to find people who are both positive and able to push you as an athlete so I will most definitely find myself at Chesapeake Fat Frogs Bike & Fitness Shop, again!

Stay positive, my friends!  The days are getting longer and racing season will be on us, again, before you know it!

2 thoughts on “Upward and Onward!

  1. 6 months will surely fly by! In the meantime, a good excuse to keep your mind busy with lots of training… Good luck!

    • cdog781 says:

      Thanks for the well wishes! I hope it does fly by… whenever it seems like a long long time, I think about all of the things that I have to accomplish for my doctoral program between now and then and all of the time I want to shave off of my swim/bike/run. Suddenly, it seems short! haha

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