Girls on the Run 5k!!!!!!

Wow… just.. WOW!  I am SO proud of these girls!  



Pre-race group photo for all of the hard-working girls of Christopher Farms Elementary!  Shout out to my girl on the far right, Ruth, who gave up a lot of precious time to coach these young ladies.

This morning, I was the running but for THREE awesome young ladies as they took on a 5k in the newly humid Virginia Beach weather.  I am SO impressed!  Within about 5 minutes of the start, the oldest of the three (Jackie) informed me that she wanted to run faster so I told her to take off, do her thing, and we would meet her at the finish.  Awesomesauce.  The other two cuties hung with me as we tried to weave our way through the crowd so that we could pick up our pace.  The girls were wearing their cotton GOTR t-shirts, which are adorable, but not very breathable so they were complaining of the heat rather quickly.  Still, they kept truckin’.  They walked for about 10 seconds at the water stop after mile one but started up, again, and kept going until the finish!  They even drank their water ON THE RUN at the second water stop! 🙂


My fantabulous running buddies!  From left to right:  Caroline, Me, Naomi and Jackie.

After 1.5 miles, I told them it was time to start passing people.  “This,” I informed them, “is my favorite part of the race.  This is when you get to pass the people who started out too fast.  You girls are running smart!”  They were onboard with it so I would pick out folks for them to pass and they usher them on!  “Go! GO! Right there, get her!”  Boy was that fun!  The girls were still smiling, though breathing hard.  


The girls participate in the traditional group cheer before the race.

So, it’s the HOME stretch and we can SEE the finish line arch!  Caroline looks at me and say “I feel like I’m going to throw-up!”  I pat her shoulder and say, “Thank happens sometimes, doll.  Just keep pushing and throw-up after you cross the finish!”  Then, I turn to Naomi and see that she appears like she’s going to cry!  I tell her, “Hang in there, girl!  I know it hurts but keep your breathing steady and we’ll be done soon!”  I ask them “Can either of you sprint to the finish?”  They both say “NooOooo,” in breathy, whiny voices.  I briefly considered that I was abusing these children… Were their parents going to report me to CPS when they found out?  BUT they were SO FREAKING HAPPY when we crossed the finish line… they didn’t remember to tell their parents how cruel I had been. 😉


Naomi and I have been running buddies before so… this isn’t our first rodeo. 😉

I have to admit, I was fighting back tears at the end.  Even when they were suffering their little hearts out at the end, they didn’t slow down!  They kept going!  Such awesome young ladies and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share in their character development!


I got to spent some quality time with Sonya and Ruth, two of my inspirational athlete gal pals!

This race was so rewarding!  These girls inspire me to be a better athlete AND a better person!  I feel honored to serve as a role model for such fantastic little athletes!

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