Raleigh Rundown

Dear friends,

I’m a bit exhausted from this weekend so I’m not up for writing a full race report, yet.  Let’s just say, it didn’t go as planned.  In fact, it was not a good performance on my part.  I had some gearing issues on the bike and then horrible, terrible stomach cramps.  That was on top of a hilly courses and high heat and humidity.  I ended up finishing 13th in my age group.  Still, as fate would have it, I received a roll down spot for Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Vegas.  At first, I felt as though I had cheated by getting a spot at Worlds without finishing in the top three in my age group.  My husband pointed out to me that I did work very hard and I earned my spot even if I didn’t do so in the way that I had expected/preferred.   So, there’s a bright spot on a cloudy day or… rather… a bit of shade on a mercilessly uphill, sunny course! haha.  More later on race day, especially with regard to managing a bad race.  It was hard.  I cried.  But I’m moving forward and I’ll talk to you all about how I am managing it!  For now, I’ve briefly filled you in and I’ll share some photos.

Also, in addition to being exceedingly grateful for all of the fabulous support that I received from friends and family, I am incredibly appreciative of my coach and his abundance of patience.  He sat with me for at least two hours this morning to go over plans for the future and process my feelings of sadness and defeat.  I feel much better about the near future in triathlon and I’m excited to see my training ramp back up after a week of recovery.  Thank you, Dai Roberts!


Me with my roommate/friend/training buddy, Erin, on the bus to T1/swim start at 5 a.m.!!!!  Yikes!  Let me just tell you, Erin CRUSHED that race.  She is typically somewhere right behind me in workouts… right on my heels in runs/rides.   I kept telling her that I am NOT faster than she is so maybe now she’ll believe me and I’m looking forward to continuing to train with her!   She finished so freaking well this weekend that she was 10 minutes ahead of her goal time with a 2:25!  She will ALSO be going to Worlds!  SO proud of her!  AND she took time out of her celebrating to comfort me in my “holy crap I sucked at that race and I trained for MONTHS!” mourning phase.


Me at the end of a 13.1 mile death march.  Normally, I’m Smily MgGee at the end of a race (and at the beginning and through the middle).  I just couldn’t eek one out this weekend.  It all hurt too badly… and I wasn’t having fun.  More on that next time.


My deployment roommate, Brittney, took a day trip down to Raleigh in order to cheer me on AND my friend Ruth stepped in and walked my dog TWICE so that Brittney could be there for me!  Seriously, I’m so lucky to have such amazing and supportive friends!

2 thoughts on “Raleigh Rundown

  1. I can’t tell if my last comment posted so lets try this again.

    First, you finished the race. I am beyond proud of you and finishing a 70.3 is such an incredible feat in itself. I know it’s not the goal you wanted but you finished and you finished injury free. That is always the first and best step.

    You truly deserve to go to Vegas Courtney. You worked hard during training and I know when you go to worlds you will do incredible.

    I am glad you had fun with some of your teammates and friends!

    • cdog781 says:

      Hollie, THANKS so much! The further I get away from the race, the better I feel about taking the slot at Vegas. The race wouldn’t have been *that* bad, either, if it hadn’t been for the run. It would not have been my best but it would have been a much better race. Part of me looks back and thinks “Were my stomach cramps really THAT bad?! Could I have toughed that out and run faster?” but I’ll never know because pain is subjective and I felt pretty subjectively awful at that point. Onward and upward. This was my first “bad” multisport race. I’ve had 5 races and 4 podiums so I was due for a big fast learning experience!

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