Best Race Week EVER

So… I was minding my own business, getting things done around the house to prepare for our road trip to USAT Age Group National Championships and my husband’s return from deployment… he was suppose to be home late in the day on today (Tuesday, the 6th).  I was on the phone with my coach; I had just said “hello” when I answered a knock at my front door and…

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.18.02 PM


I opened the door to see MY HUBBY!!!!  He drove overnight (not a plan I would have approved, btw) to surprise me! 😀  Immediately after having greeted Coach Dai with a “hello” I said “Oh my God I have to go” and dropped my cell phone on the couch! LOL  I felt terribly, until I later learned that Dai and my friend Renee were both in on the surprise; I didn’t feel so badly. haha.  No wonder Renee had called me earlier that morning and asked really weird questions about my workouts for the day.    Soooo happy!!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.18.23 PM

My love passed out on the couch shortly after his return… caffeine crash! 🙂

Now, the car is halfway packed and we’re heading out tomorrow for our road trip to Nationals!  My parents will be meeting us in Milwaukee, as well, and we’ll be seeing some of my very best friends on the way home.  What a wonderful week!

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