Running in a Winter Wonderland

Ok, I do NOT like the cold but I had a blast running in our uncharacteristically snow-covered Virginia Beach. Justin and I headed out for about an hour. Our planned route was a bit too sketchy so we ran in an unfamiliar neighborhood across the street. The USPS man waved at me every time I passed him on the roughly 2-mile loop and many of the folks out shoveling their driveways gave me encouraging shouts and thumbs up! I also got to try out my Yaktrax, finally! My parents got them for me several years ago but I ran in them for the first time today. They were awesome! I didn’t slip once! In fact, my family kept me upright and warm on today’s run; I double layered under armour tights that my parents bought me years ago, ran in a winter top my family bought me last Christmas and wore the snow boarding socks my sister bought me! I was completely comfortable the whole run! My cheeks were a bit angry when I got back inside but didn’t feel a thing while I was running. Alright… Back to being snowed in with my favorite guys!


Make your vote count!

Hey, friends!  I completed my last internship interview and will be updating you all on my January adventures very soon.  For now, though, I want to ask you to consider voting for my friends Hollie for a chance to run the ZOOMA Napa Valley Half-Marathon for free (all expenses paid for her and one of her readers)!  They are looking for individuals who embody the spirit of Zooma so please check out her blog at and if you agree with me that she is an excellent candidate then please vote for her at this link.

For added encouragement, here is an inspirational picture drawn by her boyfriend:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.16.02 PM

My bags packed, I’m ready to go….

Tomorrow morning begins three weeks of traveling and interviewing adventures for this psychology student. I’m trying to look at each interview like a race, something for which I feel nervous but also excited.


My suit is set out, my nose ring removed, bag packed and my dog is suspicious. Must be time for interview traveling! This week I have the Hampton VA and Walter Reed Military Medical Center Navy interviews. Wish me luck and, if you’re the praying kind, pray that end up where God wants me and… That I’m cool with it. 🙂