Running in a Winter Wonderland

Ok, I do NOT like the cold but I had a blast running in our uncharacteristically snow-covered Virginia Beach. Justin and I headed out for about an hour. Our planned route was a bit too sketchy so we ran in an unfamiliar neighborhood across the street. The USPS man waved at me every time I passed him on the roughly 2-mile loop and many of the folks out shoveling their driveways gave me encouraging shouts and thumbs up! I also got to try out my Yaktrax, finally! My parents got them for me several years ago but I ran in them for the first time today. They were awesome! I didn’t slip once! In fact, my family kept me upright and warm on today’s run; I double layered under armour tights that my parents bought me years ago, ran in a winter top my family bought me last Christmas and wore the snow boarding socks my sister bought me! I was completely comfortable the whole run! My cheeks were a bit angry when I got back inside but didn’t feel a thing while I was running. Alright… Back to being snowed in with my favorite guys!


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