We planned, God laughed.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to blog… and that’s because I’ve been rather busy living.  I think I mentioned this previously but I recently acquired a second job at an acute inpatient facility for children.  My role there is to assess the children as they come in to determine whether or not they need to be admitted, then make my recommendation to a psychiatrist who will make the final call.  I’m also the first clinical contact that the potential patient and their family might have with the facility so I’m there to help them feel comfortable about leaving their child with relative strangers for 5-10 days.  It’s very rewarding and it’s given me an opportunity to work with an inpatient population, which I have not yet been able to do in my graduate training.  It’s also very fast-paced and requires shift work to which I am unaccustomed.  I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to adjust to working occasional overnight shifts as well as evening shifts (which actually seem MORE difficult than overnight) that keep me up until after midnight.  On top of that, I have a heavy course load this semester and I’m still staying on top of my training.  I’ve had to learn to be very efficient in moving from one task/activity directly to the next and sometimes I goes days where the only “rest” I get is when I’m actually sleeping… but I love it (except when I am tired and cranky haha)!


Multi-tasking while my husband was out of town last weekend, I ate while working on the statistics for my dissertation… and then I worked… and slept… and got up and trained and did stats and worked all over again the next day!



While I was enjoying a dinner date with my dissertation, my husband was having dinner with world class athletes like “Rinny” Carfrae!



But that’s okay because the next day, he did an awesome job of representing the Navy at the USATF XC National Championships in Boulder, CO!


My husband was the only guy at the National Championships with fans like these! 😀  Our runner friend Krista (who relocated to the West Coast about a year ago) is on the left and my sister and her boyfriend are center and far right, respectively.  My sis lives in Boulder so it was great she and her bf, Matt, could be there to support!


Luckily, my husband didn’t leave me entirely alone.  I had the excellent company of some gourmet chocolates in his absence.

I’ve been playing catch up this week after working three shifts last week plus working a few hours at my other part time job (therapy/psych testing).  My professors haven’t eased up any, either, seeing as how I have a take-home exam due next Tuesday and a tedious test on Monday evening.  And, even more importantly, this Friday is Match Day! MATCH DAY!  Let me tell you about Match Day…

So, you remember all of that interview traveling I did in January?  We’re going to see how it all works out on Friday morning. Our internship application process uses a match system.  We apply and interview where we are invited.  Once we interview, we rank the sites at which we interviewed and the sites rank the students who interviewed with them.  It all goes into a computer system and… wa’la!  It spits out a match.  For most applicants, this is a year-long commitment.  Because I have applied for two Navy internship sites as well as three civilian internship sites, it could be a 1 year OR a 4 year commitment for me.  Most likely, I will have to move from Virginia Beach but if I receive a military internship then my husband will get out of the Navy and move with me.  So, as you can see, there is a lot up in the air.  In some ways, this busy week has been an excellent distraction and, though I have some feelings of anxiety about this “match,” overall, I’m looking forward to Friday morning.  My closest (local) friends are coming over for breakfast (to include pancakes, french toast and mimosas) and my husband is taking the morning off of work so, really, I’m most nervous about getting our condo cleaned up enough to have people over for breakfast! haha  I’m actually feeling excited about Friday morning… I will finally KNOW!

I will definitely keep you all posted on the Match Day results the possibilities are:  San Diego Navy site, Bethesda, MD Navy site; Hampton (local), VA; West Palm Beach, FL; Columbia, SC.  And it will all come down to the email I receive from the Match system on Friday morning! EEK!

Despite the craziness of my schedule, I’ve still managed to stay on top of my training and nutrition (except for Justin’s chocolate sabotage) and I’m feeling very optimistic about the coming triathlon season.  I have an amazing husband, great friends and family and a career that I love!  I have running and triathlon and my awesome sponsors (Betty Designs, CycleOps, BedGear) and an awesome coach (Dai Roberts) so I know it will all work out, one way or another.  I was even able to enjoy a lovely walk at the local park with my mini family, yesterday, and I look forward to many more family walks regardless of where I end up!


We enjoyed the improved weather together this week and I enjoyed wearing my custom made dragon hat by Ruth York. 😀


Stay tuned for news on where I will be living, working, training and embracing life next year!


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