The Struggle is Real!

Well, I had been cruising along in my training for several weeks with no major bumps so I guess it was bound to happen.  Last week, I performed really well… up through about Tuesday or Wednesday.  Suddenly, Wednesday evening, I found that my legs were very tight.  Thursday morning, my back joined in on the whole muscle tightness parade and by the time I reached my Saturday long run the shoulders and neck had jumped in for fear of missing out on the party.  My Thursday run… sucked.  Friday was an “okay” interval ride on the trainer and I spent the evening trying to recuperate with some yoga, an epsom salt bath and herbal tea, but it just wasn’t enough to salvage my long run.  Saturday morning felt like a muscle cramp festival and I cut my 13 miles to only 11.  Ugh.  Oh and my swims… I was working WAY harder to go much slower that I had been the previous weeks.  It was like hitting my head up against a brick wall.  Nothing seemed to be working for me and I felt hopeless…

Just then, my swim coach, Juliet, stepped in with words of encouragement and inspiration!



Some of this I already “knew” but, when YOU’RE the one struggling, it’s suddenly as though none of these things actually apply to you. Sure sure, they apply to your friend who is struggling similarly or the random guy on the street.  Not to YOU, though, right?  Does anyone else feel this way?

Juliet was actually replying to a whiny text I had sent her way earlier in the week but her timing was perfect because I was in a total “what’s even the point?!” state of mind when I came in from my long run and saw her text.  Sometimes, I think that Coach Dai is not as natural of a motivator because he hasn’t experienced as much self-doubt as the rest of us. Haha.  Maybe that’s not true but he seems to be able to take a LOT of things in stride that others cannot keep out from under their skin.  Hopefully, someday I will be more like that but, until then, it’s good to have those who can relate and encourage.  And Juliet even gave some of my own “positive self talk” advice right back to me. 🙂

Can you relate to this?  Does it ever feel pointless?  Do you ever have trouble applying your knowledge of “the process” to yourself when you find it easy to reassure others that their hard work will pay off?

One thought on “The Struggle is Real!

  1. Hollie says:

    There have been times in my training that I feel like I hit a brick wall really hard. It seems like nothing I’m doing is going correctly. I can relate to this completely (like right now).

    I’m glad you are moving onward and forward. 🙂

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