Back in the Game and Back to the East!

There hasn’t been much new, lately, but what has been new has been big.  Justin and I learned that we will be getting orders to Pensacola, FL!  At first we were a bit disappointed because it wasn’t our first choice, but the more we thoughts about it, there were really only two down sides: 1) high humidity, 2) no hills to train on.  Otherwise, the housing costs are low so we are looking to buy and live near a beach, we’re about 10-11 hours from both of our families, the hospital is a good size for my career opportunities and now I don’t have to put the puppies on a plane! 😀

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 6.30.08 PM

Florida Bound!!!

That’s the biggest big news but in other slightly less big news, I’ve been running… outdoors… and not just to get through an intersection!  And and… my first race of 2015 is a week from today!  I’ll be racing Oceanside 70.3 and my family will be here to watch/cheer and my hubs will be running the Carlsbad 5000 the following day!  It will be a lot of fun and for the first time in a long time I have no expectations about a race.  I’ll race how I race; I just want to give what I have on the day and feel good about it!

Today was a bit stressful, though… I was attempting to complete a brick today after putting my new race wheels on my bike, swapping out my brake pads for the first time, etc.  And… nothing went ride.  I couldn’t get suction on the straw on my new aero bottle, my brand new back wheel kept blowing a tube without me even getting on the bike AND my front wheel was rubbing on something unknown.  Bleh!  So, I went to Nytro Multisport in Encinitas and they fixed me up in about 45 minutes.  Whew.  There was an explanation for everything (and the fact that I put my brake pad on backwards was one such explanation).

On the plus side, I actually needed to head up that way today, anyway, to swap out my team kit for another size.  AND I finally got to meet Kristen Mayer in person! AND I got to me Lexi, the right hand woman to Kristen now that Betty Designs is taking off with more and more partnerships!  Speaking of partnerships, the new Betty kit by Hincapie fits fantastically!  I’m so excited about the future of Betty Designs and Hincapie!  The tri shorts have a yoga-pant waist band now!!! NO MUFFIN TOP! 😀

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 6.29.20 PM

Love the new team kits and so pleased to meet Kristen and Lexi at a Betty Designs tent sale!  Speaking of sales, get over to Betty Designs NOW to get in on the clearance sale happening with several of the designs on close out to never be available, again!

And finally, good luck to my husband who is in Virginia Beach this weekend racing the Shamrock Half Marathon!  I’m a bit jealous that he is getting to see all of our Va Beach friends but at least we will be closer to them when we move to Florida at the end of the summer!

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 6.45.53 PM

And here is a shot of my fit hubby’s legs.  Let’s hope all of those red blood cells carry him to victory tomorrow morning!