What if I fall…

Oh my darling but what if you fly?

Fear of failure, it’s real. It keeps us inside our comfort zone or leads us to expand our comfort zone only with tiny little steps beyond its current limits. What happens when we stay in or near our comfort zone? Not much, probably. It’s safer, it’s a bit more of a sure thing. It’s also no way to live and certainly no way to grow.

Last weekend, our friend Austin joined us for an hour at the local skating rink. And he inspired me during that hour because… He had never been skating before. As children of the late 80s and early 90s, Justin and I spent a fair bit of time at the skate rink while growing up. Austin, from a younger generation with more entertainment options, had previously been denied this fun and humbling experience. Despite this, he didn’t hesitate when we invited him! Austin put on skates and embraced his fate. He fell and he fell but he also got better and better in just an hour! 

  Resting a bit in between songs at the skate rink.

Have you ever watched children at play? Learning a new skill? At the roller rink, I observed a number of young children on skates. What amazes me is their absolute lack of fear or hesitance. I mean, Austin fell while he was learning but these kids… They all out threw themselves into nose-dives without hesitation, then got back up, flailed a bit more and hit the floor again. And and… They had smiles on their faces!

We all know that those 4 and 5 year olds aren’t feeling the pain the next day quite like those of us over the age of 30 but is it that or is it our fear of the consequences of failure? Our experience that tells us we will be sore the next day? Oh and… A little bit of pride?

  Chilling while we watched little kids race around the rink.  If they wanted to race, they raced, even if they could barely move on skates!

More and more, I’m learning to step outside of my comfort zone. Coach Derek has helped push me outside of the training and racing comfort zone I had nestled into and though I often dread the changes, I have so far loved the results.

So, let’s all challenge each other to skate like a 5 year old! Let’s encourage one another to quit tip-toeing our way out of comfort zones and instead, leap with enthusiasm!

Swim, bike, run, smile!

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